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White is Timeless

Pristine White Brilliance, Tailored to Perfection by ATZAA DISPERSIONS.

The quality of our white masterbatches hinges on the precise selection of Titanium Dioxide, its tone, and its optimal loading within the masterbatch. Our white masterbatches, containing Titanium Dioxide concentrations ranging from 35% to 75%, are widely utilized in film packaging, blow molding, and injection molding industries. For non-woven and PP fiber applications, we have developed specialized white masterbatches tailored to these needs. Additionally, for PET bottles and sheets, we produce PET-based white masterbatches with compatible Titanium Dioxide. To enhance the whiteness of recycled polyester fiber, we have created a special PET-based masterbatch containing blue-tone Titanium Dioxide, effectively reducing the yellowish tone of recycled PES.
Following is our list of white masterbatches designed to meet various industry requirements:

White BTEconomical white MB For Film, IM and BM
White HC 55% white TIO2For Film, IM and BM
White 620High conc TIO2For Cosmetic box and special application
White 720High conc TIO2For Multilayer food packaging
White777 Very high TIO2For special bluish whiteness
White 100PETPET based whiteFor PET bottles and sheets
White 200PPPP based white For PP fiber application
White 300PESPES based white For recycled PES application
White 350Styrene basedFor Engineering plastic application