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Color Mastery

Experience vibrant, stable colors with our expertly crafted, resin-compatible Masterbatches.

Unleash a spectrum of dazzling, long-lasting colors with our Masterbatches. We handpick premium pigments for exceptional dispersion, ensuring consistent color shades and peak heat resistance during extrusion. The result? Impeccable vibrancy and unmatched quality for your end products.
We produce colored Masterbatches for following polymer resins:

• PE Masterbatches
• PS Masterbatches
• PP Masterbatches
• ABS Masterbatches
• SAN Masterbatches
• PC Masterbatches
• PET Masterbatches
• PVC Masterbatches
• EVA Masterbatches
• PBT Masterbatches
• PA Masterbatches
• PES Masterbatches